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Where the scene changes every 20 feet...

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Welcome to the Oregon LiveJournal Community!  This
community is based for ALL of the Oregon area (and even for our Vancouver,
WA friends).  Please feel free to join and post whatever you wish, we
just have a few rules.
* Please refrain from "Plugging" communities or placing ad's
for items/jobs here.  We don't like to see ad's, there are other
communities for that.

* Please do not disable the "Comments" option in your
posts.  By disabling this option in your post you're encouraging others
to make a new post to comment towards your post.

*Please use an LJ cut for longer entries as a courtesy to our members
*LJCut all EVENTS, LONG ENTRIES, or LARGE IMAGES; this is not a request, all events, long entries, or large images will be promptly purged if the users cannot follow this simple rule.
If at any time you need to be in contact with the community
founder please feel free to contact striphe, gizmolay or corthell

Another of our moderators is kaleidoscopeeye feel free to reach her at any time with questions/comments as well.
Other Communities
Other Oregon communities are:

pdxpix, damnportlanders, or2600, oregonsingles, portlandsingles,
pdxforsale, pdxtwentiesonly, portland, portlandgothic, and many more...

The community graphic is by Brent Bradley of Oregon Scenics
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